It is widely mentioned to take healthy foods for a healthier and well being. But the thing that is not mentioned often is to maintain a proper time schedule for having those foods or else those same healthy foods can backfire by contributing to the down fall of your wellbeing. Such a very common boomerang case is seen with the sleep deprivation due to untimely snaking. Although all of them do not necessarily include healthy foods, but here are 10 worst foods that you should definitely avoid eating late at night.

Worst Foods To Eat Before Sleep


Consumption of coffee late at night is not a good idea at all. Coffee has a rich source of caffeine which hinders sleep by varying the sleep cycles and thwarting peaceful deep sleep through its nerve stimulating effects, which in turn, contributes to daylong tiredness, irritated mood, lack of concentration and thus, also adversely affects cognitive and motor functions. Consuming decaffeinated coffee doesn’t help the cause, as they are not entirely free of caffeine either.


Many people believe consuming alcohol helps to fall asleep, well it does a bit thanks to its drowsy effects but it does not help the actual cause revitalizing the body! Although alcohol reduces the initial time to fall asleep but it alters the sleep cycle especially the one involving the REM (rapid eye movement) that influences the memory and restorative functions.While the normal refreshing sleep involves 6-7 cycles of REM phases, the alcohol induced one possesses only 1-2 of them! Though alcohol promotes deep sleep, it also causes snoring problem as it relaxes the throat muscles that often leads to airway obstruction.

Red Meat

Being high in fat and protein, red meat products take longer time to digest and keep the body warm, active and thus, awake, throughout the night as its digestion continue which leads to considerable discomfort.


Due to the high soluble fiber content, beans cause stomach problems and flatulence, which is particularly annoying when it occurs at night. Besides, it leads to significant gas production by causing sluggish movement of the food through the intestine which in turn, gives the opportunity to the normal gut flora to process the carbs by fermentation and produce gas.

High Cheese Foods

Although cheese contains an amino acid tryptophan which is known as a good sleep inducing chemical and can be assumed to be good for stimulating sleep, overdose of the same cheese can lead to nights without sleep. So, high cheese containing foods such as double cheese pasta or cheese burst pizzas can be significantly hindering for you good night’s sleep as it make digestion of this heavy, high calorie foods very tedious and uncomfortable.

Fried And Spicy Foods

Feeding on fried and high-fat foods such as chips, French fries, burgers, spicy Chinese foods etc while watching games or movies late at night, is not a good idea at all. These high calorie processed junk foods take particularly long time to digest and due to this longer presence of excessive acid in the stomach often leads to heartburn and acid refluxes. Moreover, the spicy foods often provide a thrust of a hormone called endorphins that disturb the sleep.

Soft Drinks

Drinking soft drinks or carbonated beverages such as sweetened soda or different colas late at night increases acidity and gas problems in stomach and thus leads to discomfort which hinders sleeping. The sugar contents of this sweetened sodas also gives our body a burst of energy, which though desirable while working late but can give a hard time sleeping.In addition to this, being rich in added sugar and empty calories, they also contribute to weight gain. These drinks, especially the likes of diet sodas, may also contain caffeine that further adds to regimen of sleep inhibiting agents.


Being packed with sleep inhabitants like caffeine and theobromine, chocolates, especially dark chocolates, is a big no-no for late night consumptions. The other varieties, such as milk chocolate, although contains lesser caffeine, is rich in sugar that gives an energy rush which in turn, prevents a good sleep.

Pastries And Fruit Yogurt

Consuming high sugar products such as cakes, pastries, candy bars etc. provide sudden energy bursts that inhibit sleep. Different kinds of fruity yogurts such as strawberry, blueberry, cranberry etc. are chock-a-blocked with refined sugar, which is even more prominent in these items than in real fruits and can cause more ill-effects than normal sugars themselves.Moreover, since none of these carbohydrates are actually required for supplying body with energy for any tedious activity at that time of night, most of them often remain stored as fat which leads to unnecessary weight gain.

Ice Creams

Ice creams, being packed with high sugars and fats, exert almost similar effect as that of pastries by contributing to sleep inhibition by providing energy spikes and setting the stage up for future weight due to the useless sugar content. In addition to that, the fat content of the ice cream takes longer time to digest which adds to further discomforts. Moreover, late in night, as the body lacks any strenuous physical activity, the body lowers the metabolism rate and cools down the entire system.

Consumption of cold ice creams at these late hours thus may aid in catching cold by giving the opportunistic normal floras ideal environment for setting up an infection.Apart from avoiding the above mentioned foods, maintaining other factors such as avoiding fruit salads late in night (as they are also usually rich in sugar content), avoiding cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli etc. (as lead to gas production) and having your dinner minimum 2 hours before going to sleep, can prove extremely beneficial for getting maximum Zs’.