Especially among women, weight loss come dimagrire velocemente is the common trend these days. The trend has grown so profound that many are not even realizing that they are actually keeping their health at stake. Cutting every diet into half and practicing extreme to the extreme way to lose even 1 kg has remained no more as a rare case.

Nevertheless, many a times, you practice hard and act determine to lose weight but somehow you realize that it is not working out. What can be more depressing than this?

When you try to lose weight, your body responds by fighting back. You might lose so many kgs in the beginning that too without effort but later the process will slow down. Therefore, this article focuses on points that is playing with your hardship of losing weight. Carefully go through the 11 reasons mentioned below to grab the knowledge about it.

Diet Tips To Follow While Losing Weight

1. Your Body Is Not Getting Sufficient Protein

Reducing the exposure to calories is not the only solution to weight loss, you must consume protein especially if you don’t know that it is the single important nutrient for weight loss. It reduces the cravings and regulate the appetite hormones. So, load up your meal with protein rich food now and lose weight in easy way.

2. Drinking Alcohol

Alcohols are rich in calories but if you can’t lose avoiding it then settle for spirits like vodka rather. It is also fine to drink moderately at times as heavy drinking is closely linked to gain in weight.

3. Eating Too Many Calories

Using stairs in place of lift and consuming excess of calories is definitely not a way out of your problem. Calories can come from consuming sugar and spicy foods. Therefore, if you are so concerned about weight loss then weight your food before having and keep track of your calories.

4. Binge Eating

Binge eating means, eating large amount of food without any break. As a result, its accumulation becomes more than what your body actually requirements. This has turned out to be a big problem for many dieters. Binge on healthy items like nuts, chocolate, butters, cheese, etc. increases the heap of fats and calories in the body. Therefore, even a single binge often ruins the whole week’s hardship in diet.

5. You Are Keeping Away From Whole Foods

As important as quantity, the quality matters. Therefore, intake of whole food not just improves your health but also regulate your appetite. Try to stick to the food assigned with the label of whole, single ingredient foods.

6. You Are Not Keeping Track Of Your Diet

All that matters is awareness. Rather than following the tip what people give you, more important is your profound knowledge about your diet and your actions. Many a times, people lay their diet table by follow the hearsay, which indirectly means you are feeding on what other are feeding you. Therefore, be more confident about yourself and before choosing anything, have the knowledge of its calorie and energy count. This way, you will be able to not commit any mistake about eatables supporting weight gain rather than weight loss.

7. No Workout

Following limited diet tips is not the only solution to weight loss, workout like lifting weight, and resistance training is important as well. This will keep the precious muscle mass, which is burned with body fat, intact. In addition, it also prevent the slowing down of metabolism.

8. Not Doing Cardio

Cardio which includes, running, swimming, jogging, etc. has emerged as a rap these days for weight loss. It is not the rumors but scientistically proven that cardio is really very effective in weight loss. It burns the belly fat & the harmful visceral fat around the organs thus keeping from diseases.

9. Intake Of Sugar

Sugar items like coke, and Pepsi are the calorie increasing items ever. Sugar is such a big drawback in losing weight that often fruit juices bear problematic results. Therefore, it is better to know about the personality of items before its intake. People often say then fruit juice during your dieting schedule helps in weight loss. Quite a myth it is, because it contains the large amount of sugar. Still, if you prefer drinking juice then extract it at home and prefer fruits not sugary in taste.

10. You Are Taking Less Sleep

When it concerns your physical, mental health and weight, plenty of sleeps is quite important. According to studies, poor sleep is the biggest factor responsible for not being able to lose weight. If still not gratified with the fact then notice adults and children not taking enough sleep.

11. Drinking Less Water

According to latest studies, people drinking 1-2 liter of water everyday lose weight more than the rest. As drinking water boost the burning of calories, it is very important to provide your body water regularly.