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In our in-depth Testogen review, we explain how we found that Testogen is, in fact, one of the leading testosterone boosters available in the market today. The product uses an impressive combination of natural ingredients to make sure that your testosterone level becomes significantly improved. But also does not stop there, it takes it further by carrying out its purpose while ensuring, at the same time, that the side effects are virtually nothing and the product remains safe to use for all its customers.


  • Safe and effective testosterone booster.
  • All natural ingredients
  • Supported by various tests and studies.
  • Reverses loss of stamina.
  • Improves libido.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Free shipping.


  • Time of action may vary according to individual physical makeups.

What is Testogen?


The importance of testosterone in male body is so significant it cannot be overstated. A strong physical structure, sexual healthy, muscular capabilities, being psychologically positive and happy, always willing to face new challenges, always willing to face new task head-on – all these are some of the benefits provided by adequate testosterone in our body systems.

Without it, the opposite scenario applies – weakness, fatigue, sexual frustration, getting into unnecessary fights and arguments, you get the picture. But with the right amount of testosterone in the body system, all these are avoidable.

And this, of course, is where Testogen comes in – according to MyPillApp. In our Testogen review we found that Testogen is a natural testosterone supplement whose function is simply to increase the production of testosterone in the body. There is no overstating it: testosterone is simply what makes a man a man. Its absence causes frustration and leave us feeling lifeless, even as we carry out in all our daily, living endeavours.

It combines eleven ingredients to give you the strength and stamina you need, while sharpening your mental psyche, keeping you strong both physically and psychologically.

What are the Testogen Ingredients

  • Bioperine: this is derived from black pepper and its major function is to sort of consolidate and improve what is known as the bioavailability of all other ingredients. Basically thanks to bioperine all other ingredients can work to their fullest potential in your body.
  • Zinc: a popular metal in the body, zinc is also a really effective testosterone booster and even performed impressively as an aphrodisiac. It may also perform the function of increasing sperm count and healthiness.
  • Vitamin B6: one of the reasons why doctors always emphasize the importance of vitamins in our body is because they play a crucial role in the overall health, which includes testosterone production.
  • Red Ginseng Extract: red ginseng is a popular plant known for its aphrodisiac quality. It has been employed in this use as early as 3500 BC. In Testogen it performs the function of elevating both your mental and physical psyche and improving your overall confidence.
  • Vitamin K1: vitamin K1 is the vitamin responsible for keeping our bones strong and healthy. And while it also performs this function in the Testogen formula, it doesn’t just end there. It also plays a major role in the absorption of vitamin D, which then helps Testogen perform its functions more efficiently.
  • Other ingredients include: Magnesium, Vitamin D, Boron, Nettle leaf extract, D-aspartic acid, and Fenugreek extract.

Our Thoughts on the Testogen Formula

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Testogen is made of all-natural ingredients, a fact that gives its users, not only a more trustworthy feel, but also a scientifically-verified safety assurance. It is also comprehensive and thoroughly researched, adding an extra layer of efficiency unseen in most general testosterone boosters available in the market today.

Is Testogen Safe to Use?

Alongside being made with all natural ingredients, Testogen has also been clinically tested and reviewed by users, and the verdict remain: yes, Testogen is safe to use. This isn’t surprising, of course, once you consider that the whole product itself was made with safety as well as efficiency in mind.

How Testogen Works?

The scientific explanation of how the student works might seem a bit daunting to understand but it’s pretty much simplified by looking at it this way:

Testogen initiates a series of process in the body which in turn facilitates the production of the right amount of testosterone needed for optimal functioning of the Male body.

Testosterone is what is known as a steroid hormone. It is a natural hormone in men whose production starts before birth and then continues to grow gradually till it reaches its highest point during puberty. After this, though, the downward spiral begins.

The testosterone level begins to decline, generally following a consistent rate in most cases. And with this decline, comes a host of truly undesirable character traits.

It causes low energy level, low concentration, what is known as midlife crisis, and even an overall generally low quality and quantity of life. Oh and let’s not forget to mention, it also causes you to lose urge for sex and decline in sexual stamina.

With a product like Testogen, however, you body starts to see a new increase in testosterone level through a mechanism that is quite effective and safe.

What are the Benefits of Testogen

Testogen Gives You Focus and Confidence

Testogen gives you an edge over your competition by giving you a sharp Focus and drive where you would have been reticent and shy otherwise. With better concentration and confidence there is no doubt you’re well on your way to coming out on top.

Reduces Fatigue, Tiredness, and Irritability

It gets rid of fatigue and tiredness by increasing your testosterone level. It not only stops there though it also get rid of negativity because once your body produces enough testosterone you don’t get irritated or discouraged easily.

Increase Libido and Sexual Performance

Testogen is also capable of increasing your sex drive and overall urge to have sex. Also due to the increase in testosterone production you’re able to perform better and not have to come up with excuses every night.

Reduces Body Fat

That is right, Testogen is also capable of playing a huge role in your weight-loss regimen. It is no secret that most of the weight loss supplements out there require major testosterone production in their formula. With Testogen, however, you wouldn’t have to worry about mixing supplements for weight loss with testosterone boosters, because you would simply have them both in one.

What are the Testogen Reviews and Complaints

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Here’s what people who have tested the product are saying on Amazon:


This stuff works! Hello. I’m a 35 year old male. Recently, I’ve noticed decreases energy levels, decreased libido and overall lower energy. I read many positive reviews about Testogen online so I figured I would try it. I’m on my third day and I’ll tell you what: This stuff is amazing. I already feel more energetic, more focused, I’m sleeping much better at night and my libido has already dramatically improved. No wonder you guys get away with charging $60 a bottle. This stuff works! Just wanted to say thank you.


Very pleased with this product I’m moving more weight in the gym and have harder erections!!!!!

Phillip Campbell:

Give it time. I like the product. I’ve only noticed subtle changes as I’m not taking a full dose. I only do one tab a day. Didn’t really notice anything at all until after my second week. Maybe that’s because of the dosage. No complaints. I will continue to use this product and I may up my dosage on my second go around.

Where to buy Testogen and How Much Does it Cost

Testogen can be obtained from the official Testogen website at Here you will enjoy the benefit of having numerous payment gateway options, free shipping, 100% money-back guarantee among others.

What’s the price?

Package 1

  • 3 Month’s Supply + 2 Months Free
  • 600 Capsules
  • $179.99
  • Free shipping available.

Package 2

  • 1 Month’s Supply
  • 120 Capsules
  • $59.99
  • Free shipping available.

Package 3

  • 2 Month’s Supply + 1 Month Free
  • 360 Capsules
  • $119.99
  • Free shipping available.

Combo packages are also available with other products from the manufacturer.

Does Testogen Cause Any Side Effects?

Testogen makes use of naturally-occurring ingredients, ensuring that it is as safe as possible. The product has been thoroughly tested, too, and found to cause no adverse reaction whatsoever.

It is advisable, though, to always contact your physician when unsure, and when you may need to take the supplement alongside other similar medications.

How to Take Testogen For the Best Results?

The most effective way to take Testogen is by taking up to 4 capsules a day with your food. You don’t have to worry about customising your diet to fit the supplement, as it is capable of working with pretty much any food that you normally take during daily activities. Taking four capsules a day should give tangible results.

Who Should and Who Shouldn’t Use Testogen

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Testogen is obviously made for adult males who are experiencing low testosterone levels or would like to see an increase in their testosterone production. This implies that it is absolutely NOT made for people who are not up to the age of 18, or for females in general.

Matt Kadey

Matthew Kadey is a James Beard Award-winning food journalist and a registered dietitian.